Sunday, 20 January 2019

3 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Jump Start Year End Accounting

As year-end approaches, the company starts to engage in closing the books of accounts process. At the same time clocks starts ticking for a listed company with respect to year end accounting documents along with other list of documents for reporting to different forums. In case if it is a limited company profitability also affects its market pricing.

Here I am going to discuss three tips in brief which can help any entrepreneur in closing the books of accounts in an easy and faster manner.

How to Check year end balances are mentioned correctly or not:-

  • If any discrepancy is found, check the relevant records to identify issues.
  • Post the necessary adjusting entries.
  • Once audit completed, close the books so changes with respect to number can’t be done.
  • Verify the accounting rules once year-end is over.
Now onwards, whenever your organization needs any year end accounting related services which include close the books including business accounting. if you are looking for virtual accounting services, then connect with Rayvat’s professional team. We help any organization in closing the books of accounts. Rayvat is well equipped with respect to the US GAAP and IFRS amendments.

Choose RAYVAT for all your Year End Accounting Needs

We are a leading outsourcing accounting firm for Small Business, Individuals, CPA and accounting firms across countries like US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia etc. Choose a high-quality Virtual Accounting for small and medium-sized business at the most affordable price with Rayvat Accounting.

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Thursday, 17 January 2019

How to Choose an Online Accounting Solution?

An online accounting solution is primarily required to complete minute accounting tasks without much investment and consistent prowess as well as informed decision making especially in the financial side of the business. Not only should the software be open source, cloud integrated, and app backed but easy to use as well. This is what budding businesses should consider before choosing an accounting software.

Small businesses require a consistent and reliable accounting solution to their daily business requirements. In order to take important decisions pertaining to working capital, cash inflows and investments, a strong Online Accounting Services is required, that is a cut above the rest and most importantly a software to bank on.

5 benefits that an organization should get when we talk about online accounting solutions

  1. Reporting – Basic financial reporting is mandatory and is the minimum benefit which should be sought out by the organization. This feature will not only bring efficiency but reduce time for reporting for any extensive filing.

  2. Omnipresent – For it to be an online accounting solution, it is important to ensure that the tool is available any place and at any time during the organizational structure. Therefore it is useful at critical moments to account for any transaction.

  3. Cloud Based – The best thing about an accounting software being cloud based, is the fact that it does not require extensive hardware and servers to support the data. Hence, it has to be 100% cloud based. 

  4. Importing Facility and Bank Integration – Perhaps the most important requirement of an accounting software should be its ability to import transactions from various other systems along with immediate banking transactions via its banking integration with partner payment gateways or banks. 

  5. Differentiate between Personal and Business Transactions – evidently, credit card expenses might be personal as well as business related and therefore, the software should be able to identify the purpose of the transaction. OCR technology can also be used to click pictures of bank statements and convert them into entries.

Here is a list of top 5 accounting software's:

  1. Quickbooks

  2. Xero

  3. Wave

  4. Freshbooks

  5. Zoho Books

All of these software's have their own benefits, pros and cons and therefore have to be checked thoroughly to understand the price differences, the free features, the reliability, testimonials and the interface as well to understand the way things are to be reported and represented in order to keep the steady flow of information understandable and traceable and therefore should be looked into.

It is therefore extremely important for an organization to consider the size of business units and functions it wishes to record and process. An online accounting software should be able to do much more than just journalize. It should be able to integrate with banking applications and therefore be able to instantly make journal entries and process information much more faster from various credible sources and at the end of the day be reliable.

Rayvat ensures that your accounts are maintained as per international  standards and at the same time compliant to local authorities. We can  offer you the most comprehensive, resourceful, and  cost-effective Virtual Accounting Services for your business

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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Top 6 Ways To Use Real Estate Bookkeeping Services

Something which is very peculiar in every developer they want to avoid wasting time and money. The effective way in terms of saving time and money is keep When it comes to real estate bookkeeping services, working with an Accountant that knows how to help you reach your business goals and growth objectives is essential.. Before going further I would like to differentiate the bookkeeping and accounting term here. Our Real Estate Accounting Services aim at giving you a better experience. Regardless of the real estate lease that you are working on, you need to enjoy the time.

Most of the people perception with respect to bookkeeping and accounting are that both are identical terms. But actually both are not identical and are two parts of financial world. Bookkeeping is a process to keep the records of daily transactions for a business. 

Daily Real Estate Bookkeeping Work Includes:-

  • Record the bank transactions in books;
  • Posting the debit and credit expense details;
  • Posting the payment related to credit card;
  • Reconciliation work;
  • Cash transaction posting.
Accounting is the next level to bookkeeping, it (i.e. accounting) helps in collating the data and help manager to take effective decision.

Get affordable Real Estate Bookkeeping Services to RAYVAT:

At Rayvat we understand your concerns with respect to bookkeeping. Our professional team has expertise in real estate bookkeeping and accounting work. Our virtual accounting firm hires the best accountants with CA, ACCA, CPA qualification that works with the clients closely in order to understand their delivery and needs.

Rayvat is successfully providing its services in real estate domain as well as real estate agent. We, at Rayvat Accounting is a leading outsourcing accounting firms for Real Estate and Property Management Companies. Choose the high-quality accounting for small and medium sized business at the most affordable price.

If you still have any queries or would want to discuss your project requirements with us, then Get in touch with our Certified Accountants and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

4 Steps to Finding the Right Accountant for your Business

Today in this competitive world, businesses are going through with tough patch. Most of the time it has been observed that though a company is successful, but it is still facing problem with respect to its accounting matters. Instead of focusing on top line of business which are customers, the management teams get busy in number crunching job. In this scenario, the organisation can always look for Finding the Right Accountant for your Business which make any organization’s life easy. Expert accounting firm also helps in business expansion.
Now whenever the organisation is planning to Find the Right Accountant or hire an accounting firm for their business, it is always better that the organisation must have communication with a firm or small business accountant to appoint the best accounting firm which help them to meet the requirements.

How to Find the Best Business Accountant for Your Small Business

At Rayvat, professionally trained team understands very well that every firm has its own model to support their business. Our team is engaged in accounting works for many years and it is focused on business approaches which also eliminates the distractions. Rayvat is a well-experienced accounting firm dedicated to providing accounting services to meet organisation unique needs. Here we understand small business or startup concerns with respect to accounting compliance.
Rayvat Accounting is a leading outsourcing firm for small business, CPA and accounting firms across countries like US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia etc. to choose high-quality Virtual Accounting Services for small and medium-sized business at the most affordable price.
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Saturday, 15 December 2018

The Top 3 Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll Company

The payroll might seem like a simple straightforward process. It sounds like one must just calculate employee’s hours and send out their paychecks, right? In reality, there is a lot more to it. The payroll accountant in any organization take care producing payments, handling taxes, dealing with sick time and vacations. Other services include payroll taxes and meeting all the local labor laws, the process is not as simple as it sounds. The payroll is critical for employee well-being in any business, no matter whether it is a small or big entity. Outsourcing payroll Company makes a stronger and a formidable contribution to the growth and well-being of any organization. Now a day’s online payroll services are a buzzword around the globe and growing with a rapid pace.
Reducing operating cost has been the main reason for outsourcing payroll process. It helps in accessing to the best practices, latest technology, and faster turnaround are some of the other benefits one can expect by outsourcing the payroll function.
 Outsourcing payroll Company help in reducing the cost:-
  • Reduction of capital cost in technology;
  • Redirecting the HR focus toward strategy;
  • Help in reduction corporate overheads;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Help in reducing the administrative costs;

Top three major advantages outsource payroll company:

  1. Reduction of Capital Cost in Technology- IT cost optimization has been the focus area now for any organization to improve the bottom lines. By outsourcing the online payroll services to Rayvat any organization can achieve the desired goal.
  2. Help in reducing the Administrative Costs– There is a significant number of costs involved in maintaining an effective payroll function. By outsourcing organization will be able to save significant cost.
  3. Focus on Core Business- Payroll is a critical function in any organization but running the same in poorly manner can hurt the business badly. But by engaging Rayvat team organization can focus on core business.
If you are struggling to get payroll done on time every pay period and your staff is not qualified for the job, it is time to alter your procedures. Payroll is likely your company’s largest expenses, and the most time-consuming HR work performed each month. It requires an organized system, knowledge of current regulations and taxes, and careful planning. Now next question comes to whom company can outsource the payroll process. You can connect with The Rayvat professional team for Accounting outsourcing services.
At Rayvat we understand your concerns with respect to the payroll process. Our professional trained payroll specialists team that works with the clients closely to understand their delivery and needs. We provide the access to clients with respect to monitoring the payroll related work on a real time basis.
We, at Rayvat Accounting is a leading Outsourcing payroll Company across countries like US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia etc. Provide high-quality payroll services for small business at the most affordable price.
RAYVAT is an independent business unit specializing in outsourced payroll services. Contact Us to talk about your business payroll needs.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Why should I outsource bookkeeping for my small business?

There are numerous business houses, which frequently encounter heaps of inconveniences with regards to the government form and settling on monetary choices over the business benefits. The small and medium scale business face such challenges regularly as they don’t knowledgeable. How can learn to outsource your bookkeeping?
Keeping records daily will take a lot of time and the value of time spent on managing the books translates into a pretty expensive hourly rate. Through Outsourced Bookkeeping Services, you can get yourself a lot of time for making critical business decisions.
Enlisting a worker may not be sensible, as you may need a bookkeeping service for a couple of hours a month. What’s more, let be honest, most representatives are searching for full and low maintenance gigs. Let’s see few reasons why should you outsource your bookkeeping services:

What is the Benefits of outsource bookkeeping for small business

1. focus on building your business
2. save money
3. You can free up some of your time
4. Certified Bookkeeper team that is now available to you
5. 24/7 hour business support

How Rayvat Can Help

Our Virtual accounting services expertise spans across multiple software’s and industries. Different clients are structured in various ways and we diagnose the suitability and then suggest migration of existing accounts.
A detailed analysis will help you figure out various mistakes and the solutions to your existing problems.
If you like, you can also opt for our trial run to get an idea of how we work and how we can ease your burden. To know more, kindly Contact Us our support team.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

How Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services Can help Grow Your Businesses?

Outsourcing a company’s finance and accounting operations is a major decision for key stakeholders due to the sensitivity of the information involved. Organizations tend to exercise extreme caution while selecting a Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services partner.
While Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) services have been around for long – at least since the early 90s – their usage was dominated by firms located in the United States. However, with the passage of time, companies from other regions around the world started using these services, and they have grown phenomenally since then.
Not only cumulative business, but the kind of work being handled by FAO services has evolved. Initially, companies would only handover repetitive and simple tasks to these firms. Today, Outsourced Financial Services have expanded their scope across accounts payable and receivable, travel expense management, supply chain accounting, payroll processing, payment processing, pricing administration, bookkeeping, record to report, joint venture accounting, and financial analysis reporting to name a few. Apart from this wide array of services, FAO firms are also being entrusted with more complex tasks like treasury planning and tax strategy.
Before a company decides to employ the services of an FAO firm, it needs to lay the groundwork for it. Given the long-term nature of such contracts and the sensitive nature of details to be shared, some pre-preparedness is essential to ensure a smooth transition of services from the company to the FAO firm.
We can help companies streamline their business and reduce costs. Whether they want to handover repetitive work to let their in-house finance and accounting function concentrate on more complex tasks or turn over the reins of the entire function to Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services partner, putting in an effort to find the right firm to assist them in doing that is time well spent. Because this relationship is one which will last a long time and can pay great dividends if done right. 
Read More:- Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services BY RAYVATACCOUNTING