Tuesday, 28 November 2017

How To Start A Business With Cloud Payroll Services

What is better than finding all your concerned records in one place? Cloud payroll services help you keep up with the changing payroll charges, taxes and organize your data in an accessible fashion. Online payroll services can be accessed from anywhere. This portable method has impacted and altered several businesses for good.
According to patriotsoftware.com, an online cloud-payroll service has several advantages which include Automatic updates, security, mobility, organization, and self-service. With multiple employees getting access to the payrolls, the process gets more transparent and hence, efficient.

What Can You Do About Cloud Payroll Services Right Now

While many multinational companies are adapting to the online payroll services, small Businesses are yet to be exposed to the advantages of Cloud Payroll Processing Services.  Small business owners who are just starting off or are in the developing stage of their business may not be fully aware of the legal obligations, other nuanced details about the Payroll services which is mandatory for them and their employees.
Information access can be tricky if not done right. For a quick check of information, going through bundles of files is not an option anymore. Apart from easing up the process, online payroll system also develops a better relationship with your clients due to the increased exposure and presence online.

Cloud payroll services include various services like:

  • Payroll processing
  • File and pay payroll taxes
  • New hire reporting
  • Integrations
  • Paid-time-off management
  • Employee self-service
  • Mobile access
  • Payroll reports
Not having Payroll special software still able to access information from anywhere on any device with the security check is one of the biggest advantages of outsource payroll services. There is no reason to hesitate from smoothing the process of a company. Though traditional operations still take over many companies, adapting to the new changes only helps a company grow and push them to be more efficient and transparent.
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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Account Payable and Receivable: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Managing account payable and receivable is a strenuous task and requires regular checks and balances to avoid misappropriation of funds. Accounts payable services is the money owed by the company to the service provider and count as liability for the company. For a household, accounts payable are regular bills like electricity, newspaper, TV connection, etc. Similarly, Accounts receivable is the claim of payment by the suppliers for goods supplied or services rendered and count an asset for the company.
There are various agencies providing account payable and receivable services. Account payable services help to transform account payable processes into an automated system with improved controls. Accounts receivable management servicesallow companies to maintain the cash inflow with the help of processing units and facilitate quicker payments.

5 Benefits of managing account payable and receivable With The Help Of Your Business

Cash management
One of the main benefits of automated accounts is improved cash management. It helps to reduce customer complaints about a company and upgrades the organizational technique as a whole.
With updated payable and receivable information, it is easier to track inflow and outflow of cash. Thus it becomes convenient for companies as well as private households to have an insight on when to invest and how much according to accounts balance. The risk factor is reduced considerably.
Easy loan via credit rating agencies
When the account figures are checked and updated regularly, it makes the least possibility for the discrepancy in payments. This makes it easy for the company to get its loan sanctioned as there are very less falter payments and the accounts are appropriate.
Time and Money savings
Automation that is payable and receivable services provided by certain agencies helps to save time in processing the cash inflow or outflow. They are done automatically and instantly. On the other hand, money is saved as payments are not made twice to a customer as well as there is no danger of going late payments.
Correct management helps to provide some security in handling the money. The company or household is aware of the liquidity of money that is money available in cash for any transaction.
Managing your account payable and receivable rightly can be beneficial for the short term as well as long-term. It is essential to identify the apt automating agency providing such services.
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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Globalize your Accounting For Australian Business: With Rayvat Accounting

Rayvat Accounting specializes in providing the best in class Online Accounting Services, specifically designed for each Australian business. A large business firm or a small one, Rayvat Accounting accommodates services required in regard to Accounting for Australian Business of all forms. Since no singular business is same as the other one, similarly no Australian business has the same processing or work methodology as the other one. Rayvat Australian Accounting experts strive to deliver the best of Australian Accounting to our clients with utmost diligence.
Rayvat Accounting has developed a local client in many cities across Australia with continued growth of adding new Australian Businesses to its list in the past decade. Serving Australian Businesses with its sincere work, Rayvat has been dealing with Australian businesses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and many more.
Rayvat Accounting boasts a brigade of highly qualified Chartered Accountants who specialize in Australian Accounting Services. We provide our services not only to Australian Businesses, but also stock brokers, lawyers, bookkeepers, tax agents and to financial planning firms also.
Rayvat Accounting satisfies all the requirements of all kinds of Australian Businesses. The wide range of Taxation, financial and accounting services provided by RAYVAT Accounting for Australian Business are as follows –
  • Rayvat Accounting provides SMSF (Self Managed Superannuation Fund) Accounting with the assistance of SMSF trained accountants. All the SMSF Accounting for the Australian Businesses is conducted by software packages such as BGL Simple fund, Class Super, Handi Super and other optimized tools. We also provide SMSF Audits created by Auditors who specialize in SMSF Auditing for Australian Businesses.

  • Rayvat Accounting excels in all entry types of Accounting and tax returns for all Australian Businesses, may it be Individuals, Partnerships, Companies or Trusts. All the complicated number crunching and data entry is based on popular accounting software’s such as HandiSoft, Software Assistant, MYOB AE Accounts and many others.

  • Rayvat Accounting specializes in providing Outsourced Bookkeeping Services to Australian Businesses by using highly acknowledged software’s such as XERO and SAASU.

  • Providing the Australian Businesses with complete cloud accounting solutions is what Rayvat Accounting is all about. We provide organized online based reports of online taxation and accounting through XERO, SAASU and QuickBooks online.
Rayvat Accounting provides Australian Businesses an opportunity to outsource their expensive and time consuming accounting and Bookkeeping tasks, and focus on their business completely.
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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Best Business Activity Statement Preparation Tips You Will Read This Year

Business Activity statement Preparation is to be filed quarterly with Australian Tax Office.
We at Rayvat Accounting help business in Business Activity Statement and duly completing the quarterly compliance requirement of your Australian business. We ensure that BAS is prepared in error free manner by preparing relevant work paper as a backup of the documents for your Business Activity Statement.
We plan and complete your Online Bookkeeping Services work in stated deadlines in order to ensure that you do not miss your return filing deadlines.
Your Business Activity Statement (BAS) would be supplied by the Australian TAX office before 2 weeks that you need to submit your report. Utmost care should be taken while filling out this form as even a minor mistake could lead to penalties.
The Business Activity statement Preparation consists of the exact amount of GST returns as well as details of various other taxes. Some of these taxes that are mentioned in the BAS are the PAYG, FBT as well as company tax instalments. According the the industry that the firm is in and the amount of turnover.

Here are Some Tips to Ensure Error Free Preparation of BAS:

  • Check the tax codes in the accounts for errors.
  • Check the Ledgers to ensure that claiming of GST is consistent and any of the invoices has not been missed out for claiming the GST credit.
  • Check that the GST collected and GST paid accounts are reconciled with the previous quarter’s BAS filed.
  • Ensure that the accounting data is locked after BAS statement has been filed.
  • Check for the exception reports for the amounts which have been manually changed in the transactions.
  • Reconcile the amount appearing in BAS for wages and salaries against the wages and salaries paid as per Salary expense ledger.
We at Rayvat Accounting specialize in BAS preparation support and Bookkeeping Services for Australian business. If you are facing issues with the form filling, you could work with an outsourcing firm to create accurate statements that would ensure that no penalties are formed. Contact Us Rayvat and get the best deals.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Get Better Accounts Outsourcing Australia Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

Our guidelines on Accounts Outsourcing Australia would help you in appreciating the legal as well as compliance Requirements for your business. We just do not do Outsourcing, we believe in doing Accounting outsourcing. We do Australian accounting taking care of BAS, SMSF, Income Tax Act, GST regulations and other legislation’s while preparing books for you.
Globalization has brought the companies from different parts of the world to a common platform. However, to be able to globalize and be successful, you need the right partners. If you are looking to Accounts Outsourcing Australia, you can consider the given factors in choosing the best company:
 3 Steps For Accounts Outsourcing Australia
Local Knowledge: an accounting firm to be able to manage the accounting business of an organization must have the knowledge of the local market, its equations and the regulations. Companies being chosen for Online Accounting Services must be well versed with the accounting and tax norms of Australia.
Global presence: While knowledge of the local rules and regulations, a company offering Australian Accounting Services must have global presence. This helps in reaching to different offices in case of need. Moreover, having global presence ensures that you can take advantage of regional or global agreements between countries.
Understand your business: your Australian Accounting Outsourcing partner must have a sound knowledge and understanding of your business. It should know what your plans and expectations regarding Accounting services are and how they are conducted by other companies in the industry.
Rayvat accounting has been handling the accounting business since many years and has been offering unmatched Accounting outsourcing services. Being a proficiently well known and reputed firm, it has been able to get the best results for its clients. Therefore, choose Rayvat accounting to Accounts outsourcing Australia and get the benefits of high quality services.
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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Supporting your business with outsourcing accounting company

The filing of your books of accounts and tax returns are quite confusing and bound by rules and regulatory environment. For an entrepreneur, who is not from commerce field can find it quite hard to understand and navigate this complex structure. The best option for the entrepreneur would be looking for Outsourcing Accounting Company Even when the entrepreneur is from commerce background, the task of maintaining the books is quite mundane and sucks in quite a bit of time that you could be using to focus on your business.

Let’s grow together with outsourcing accounting company

You could also hire an accountant, but it would mean investing in salary of one additional person as well as giving them additional resources. When you opt to go for Online Accounting Services, you get the advantage english speaking professionals who would be working exclusively on your project at affordable costs.
The competition for any firm in any industry increases day by day. In this scenario, the firm needs to offer the best quality products at competitive rates. This could be done by utilizing outsourcing accounting company in the best possible manner.
Along with outsourced bookkeeping services , if you opt for firm like Rayvat Accounting, you also get payroll, back office for accounts, tax filing, financial reporting and analysis, and much more. The teams that work on these accounts are well versed with the accounting standards and regulations of all countries, so even when you are sending your accounts to another country, the final output would be in line with the statutory and auditing laws of your country. Along with this, accounting outsourcing  also means decreased investment on your part.
Looking at all this, do consider outsourcing accounting company and free up the time to focus on your core competencies.
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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Why you should outsource payroll services

In case you are thinking of outsource payroll services, here are a few points that would help make up your mind:

When you Online Payroll Services for your business save time and efforts. Since the process of payroll is quite mundane, when you outsource it, you and your workers could focus on working on the core areas of the business. The only thing to keep in mind is that when outsourcing to a firm, you ensure that the firm is up to date on the Online Payroll Services.
One of the major benefits of subcontracting your payroll is that it takes off the trouble of transferring money online or reducing your worker checks. Some of the payroll services providers also offer services like providing essential reductions to the payroll tariffs in a legal and ethical way to the right organization. If you choose a firm that offers this service, it would reduce the effort on your part to memorize and transport all the tariff expenditures as per the company.
Additional benefit that you can expect is that you would be able to access all the payroll related data and analysis. Since Payroll Processing services is the core area of business for the outsourcing firms, they make it a point to analysis and record all the data. They can even go to the extent of offering custom analysis, if required.
Looking at these benefits one can conclude that when you hire an outsourcing firm, you get far more than just financial benefits.
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Monday, 11 September 2017

Best Practices Accounting for Small Business

In order to figure out which method of Online Accounting Services, the best way would be to analyse it in terms of the size of your business. It also depends on who would be preparing the books of accounts, would it be the proprietor himself, a full time accountant, accounting department or bookkeepers. When you choose Accounting for small business, it should be in line with the requirements and the comfort of the person who would be operating the software or working on the books of accounts.

How to choose the right method for Accounting for small business?

The reason for this is that the capability of the user should be in line with the type of accounting and the quantity of transactions done in year, in order to gain the best results. For example, if you spend a lot of dollars spending on a sophisticated high end software, and your accountant is not aware of most of the features that could be used, he or she would not be able to make full use of it, thus even though you wanted the best for your business, you are really just miss utilizing your resources.This could be the other way round also.
If you choose to handwrite your accounting for small business, and your accountant needs more complex reports and data, he/she would have to spend extra time creating those reports, thus increasing their efforts. So, a software should be purchased after thorough consultation and training of the person who would be using it.
Normally for small scale businesses, credit is tight, so it is important for your business to invest in an Accounting software that would provide proper financial control and up to date cash flow statements.
Traditionally accounting for small business was done on handwritten paper, while this would not be feasible for large business houses, many small businesses still conduct their businesses this way. The issue with this is that while it would be the most cost effective, it would be very time consuming. Also now most government agencies insist of having returns and tax forms filed electronically, so firms would have to then input all these data online anyways. Nowadays the cost of accounting softwares is also not that much. So it would be beneficial for the firm in order to invest in one.
So basically, as a small business owner, you have a choice between choosing from handwritten accounts, using spreadsheets or to invest in an accounting software. All these have their own different sets of financial control and time consumptions. For the firms where the proprietor has no employees, and a limited number of transactions, it would be best if he/she opted for a handwritten accounting method. A few more employes and better transactions he/she could shift to spreadsheets. As the firm grows they can opt for softwares that would help them in accounting for small businesses. There are various softwares that can be used. Have a word with your service provider.
A leading outsourcing provider, Rayvat Accounting, works on accounting softwares like Xero, Netsuite, Quick book- Online, Quickbooks- Desktop, Zoho, Unleashed, Myob, Sage 50, whatever the client needs, he gets.
If we look at accounting for small business, it is very important to have the right person do it. Since there are so few resources that are available for a small scale business, accounting reports help the proprietors make the right business decisions.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Tips to Select the Right QuickBooks Accounting Services Company

Selecting the right company for QuickBooks Accounting Services Company can get a bit daunting, given the fact that not all providers are built equal and the plethora of tempting options. A slightly wrong decision might have a huge blow on the business or organizations’ overall financial well-being.

How does the QuickBooks Accounting Services Quality Play an Important Role?

The service quality comes with a price. It goes without a saying that it does require time to chance upon seasoned provider that is reliable and accurate. A recognizable provider will hold out dedication, rationalization, and commitment to cater the exclusive needs of the organization and the business.

Why Must you Consider Communication as an Important Factor?

Communication is the crux of successful outsourcing transition in QuickBooks Accounting Services. A long duration would be spent communicating with the provider team and it shall become one of the essential business relationships. Make sure you meet with the team to initiate open lines and strong communication. Nurturing a healthy relationship with the provider and knowing that they do care and think about your organization for recommendations is amazing.

Does Expertise Knowledge on the Domain Help for an Account Outsourcing Company?

The main thing that you must look in an Outsourcing Accounting Firms is their advanced knowledge, as a provider sans any background industrial knowledge might actually lack the ability to address the issues fully.

Finding the right company for QuickBooks Accounting Services is essential, as it is the partnership, that one would be needing in the long term to taste success. Contact Us for help and queries.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Advantages of Preparing Cash Flow Statements

For proper financial management of any business, proper Cash Flow Management is the key. In order to maintain liquidity and working capital, excellent cash flow management is the need of the hour, especially for startups and SMEs.

It thus becomes imperative for businesses to forecast the cash flows to ensure that the business has enough liquidity at all times. Impeccable management of cash flow directly improves the business’ financial security.

If the business has just started or is affected by the economy, proper Cash Flow Management is needed on a daily basis. If the business is established and profitable, then the statement can be prepared monthly.

The Main Advantages of Preparing Cash Flow Statements are:

  • Potential shortfalls in cash balances should be identified in advance for any shortfalls. This would help a business to have seamless cash flow as well as plan ahead and be prepared for contingencies.
  • Arrange for proper cash flow and plan in advance for payments that need to be made. On time payment.
  • Try to identify clients with previous bad debts and try to devise ways to reduce the same.
  • Preparing cash flow statements should be as important as preparing financial statements.
  • Cash flow statements help get loans and financial help from banks and third parties.
Cash flow management is the key to management of Maintaining the liquidity and working capital. Advantages of Cash Flow forecasting is that it helps the business to maintain financial security and liquidity.we at Rayvat Accounting Provides Outsourced Accounting Services and excellent bookkeeping services.

Contact us and we will tell you the whole procedure and how to proceed further.